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This is still being debugged.  You may encounter some error messages that I am still working on.

  1. Case is ignored.  Searching for Binford, binford or BINFORD will return the same results.
  2. The search will default to and.   The 3 examples below using a space, comma comma or the and word are handled same and will return the same results.  The only records found will be those that contain all 3 words somewhere in the document.
    1. Cooperstown Binford Hannaford
    2. Cooperstown, Binford, Hannaford
    3. Cooperstown and Binford and Hannaford

  3. Use double quotation marks to search for an exact term or phrase.  The example below will not find something like "Coopestown has a High School".
    "Cooperstown High School"
    will only return pages with that phrase.
  4. Use or to find pages that meet only one criteria.  In the example below it will find all pages with either Cooperstown or Binford or Hannaford
    1. Cooperstown or Binford or Hannaford

  5. Put a minus sign in front of words that you don't want.  The example below will filter out all pages that have the word Coopoerstown in it.
    1. -Cooperstown

  6. Use parentheses to make the search logical.  If you want to find Apples and Bananas or Cherries do you want

1.  All of the records that have Apples and also all of the records that have either Bananas or Cherries?
2. All of the records that have either both Apples and Bananas or Cherries?

The correct computer terms would be:
1.  Apples and (Bananas or Cherries)
2.  (Apples and Bananas) or Cherries

The term within the parentheses will be evaluated first and then it will work out from there.

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