Birth Records

Only the West Prairie Lutheran Church has been scanned so far.  Other folders contain similar information and will be scanned as time permits.

Source Pages
County records, 1899-1907
Griggs Courier, 1883-1893
Griggs Courier, 1894-1903
Dr. N. A. Bergstrom, 1901-1908
Dr. C. L. Brimi, 1899, 1903-1908
Rev. Oscar D. Purinton’s birthday book
Lutheran Church (Rev. Njust, pastor), 1894-1912
Eidfjord Lutheran Church, 1888-1908
Evangelical Lutheran Church, Binford, 1901-1907
Hannaford Norwegian Lutheran Church, 1897-1907
Ness Lutheran Church, 1886-1904
Ness & Hero Lutheran Churches, 1905-1921
Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church, Cooperstown, 1895-1906
Ottawa Lutheran Church, 1888-1903
Ringsaker Lutheran Church
St. Olaf Lutheran Church, 1888-1907
Trinity Lutheran Church, 1900-1904 (Germans)
Union Lutheran Church, 1887-1908
West Prairie Lutheran Church, 1883-1907 12
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