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Cooperstown is fortunate to have 5 very good places to eat. Listed from north to south they are:

  1. Pizza Ranch.  This is part of the part of the Pizza Ranch franchise which can be seen here.  They have a salad bar and all the pizza, chicken and dessert you can eat during their luncheon special.  Take out is always available.

  2. Wooden Gardens  Open Tuesdays and Thursdays.  This is an excellent small restaurant.  Seating is limited so they offer a takeout special.  A recent Facebook entry says: A-maize-ing Corn Chowder, Sliced Ham on Homemade Flax Bread, and a Pumpkin Bar with Cream Cheese frosting" for $4.50 plus tax ($4.79). Check them out on Facebook.  Phone ahead for takeout 797-3406

  3. Coachman  The Coachman Inn has about 12 motel rooms, a formal dining area, a more informal lunch area and a bar.  Daily specials are always served at noon and night.

  4. Kathy's Kitchen Open 11 to 9 7 days a week.  Kathy specializes in sandwiches, hamburgers and home-made deserts.  They always have a daily special and they cater to other special occasions.  Check out all their specials on Facebook.

  5. Co-Op This is located in the Co-Op service station on the south side of Cooperstown at the intersection of Highways 45 and 200.  There are daily lunch specials such as Taco Tuesday and Barbecue Thursday where a lot of local people pick up fast food to take out.  Other specials such as scalloped potatoes and ham are available on other days.  Seating is limited to about 12 people.  They also have a convenience store with chips, pop, candy bars, etc.

  6. The Fish Bowl is a bar on main street. They serve great food on special occasions.  Sometimes they have breakfast for hunters during deer season and they also have food during some special events such as Friday night or Saturday night football parties or Karaoke. These events can always be found on Facebook.

  7. The Oasis is a bar that is also located on main street.  They also serve food during some special occasions such as during the Super Bowl. 

All of these restaurants and bars except Kathy's Kitchen and the Co-Op are located in the downtown Food and Drink blocks on the map below.  Kathy's kitchen is about halfway between downtown and the museum and the Co-Op is located in the Gas service station part of the map.

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