This list is being continually modified.   The items are not prioritized here. 

We are trying to show numerous possible alternative solutions to various problems.


1. Added Parking
2. Flagpole
3. East Addition
4. West Addition
5. Fire Alarm system
6. Surveillance System
7. Cell Phone Repeater
8.Paging system
9.Sound system especially for stage area.
10 Add insulation to existing buildings.
11.Answering machine on museum phone
12.Motion Detectors to turn on lights for 15 minutes or so.
13.Add lighting to cold war building.
14.Add lighting in blacksmith shop
15. Sidewalks to town hall and machinery building
16.Make Town Hall part of tours
17.Make cook car part of tours
18.Improve machinery building for tours
19.Storage Shed
20. Air Handling System
21.Air Conditioning in Lobby
22.New Office
23.Gift Shop
24. Donor commemoration display for major contributors.
25.Bathroom addition & remodel
26.Kitchen Sink for washing bottles/artifacts and making coffee, kitchen storage cabinets area
27.Develop touch screen monitors for both the pioneer museum and the cold war museum.
298Develop SmartPhone/GPS applications for download.
29.Finish east wall of room 10.
30.Change lighting in rooms 7, 8, 9 and 10. It has 2'x2' circular fluorescent tubes with no ultra violet protection right now.
31.Paint outside of buildings.
32.Signs on outside of building.
33.Build genealogy/library/research area with tables and computers.
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