Box 111


Museum Number Object Name Description
1970-1173BookletExplanation of Lois Wiseman military paintings
1970-1174Bookletpages 561 and 562 of North Dakota Volunteers
1970-1175PhotosJim and Joanne Wold
1970-1176Newspaper ArticleDon Loder and the stolen jeep
1970-1177Newspaper ArticleInside an abandoned missile site
1970-1178Newspaper ArticleWashburn Museum
1970-1179Horizons ArticleAudie Murphy and Walt Weispfenning
1970-1180Magazine ArticleThe 10th Caught it all Gerald Loge
1970-1181DocumentDeceased War Veterans
1970-1182DocumentGriggs County Veterans List
1970-1183Letter4 pages of letters on Paul Rorvik 1917
1970-1184LetterMilitary Records of Robert Conover Johnson. Taken prisoner at the Argonne Forest in 1918.
1970-1185LettersCivil War Letters of B. F. Wright 1862 about 20 pages
1970-1186LettersGordon Lindgren correspondence 1918
1970-1187LetterAnton Peterson 1918
1970-1188InvoicesFRH Invoices for Veterans Center Nametags
1970-1189DocumentList of Veterans Names
1970-1190ReportsAbout 10 pages of War History Commission reports from Mrs. Porterville 1921, 1922
1970-1191LetterRetirement Letter for James E. Sperry SHSND
1970-1192ProgramMemorial Program for Veterans June 17, 1945 in Hannaford by Mervin J. Armstrong Post
1970-1193LetersGriggs County in WW I by Edwin Bolka
1970-1194ArticleSubstance of Notes Made in German Prison Camp 1945
1970-1195Article70th Anniversary of Lisbon Soldier's Home about 1963
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