Box 112


Museum Number Object Name Description
1970-1196ArticleRevere Township Hall by Mrs. Mildred Hetland
1970-1197ArticleHelena Township Surveying Notes
1970-1198Newspaper Clipping1970 Article on first museum building
1970-1199Program1924 Program for Friday Evening in Mose, North Dakota
1970-1200InvoiceMose Mercantile Co. 1914 invoice (photocopy)
1970-1201Newspaper ArticleMoving the Klubben house to Cooperstown
1970-1202Newspaper ArticleHannaford Old Settlers Group
1970-1203DocumentSutton Incorporation Request
1970-1204ArticleWar Commission Report by Mrs. Somerville 1922
1970-1205Election ResultsVoters turn down Sutton Incorporation Request by vote of 41 to 16 in 1949
1970-1206Notes4 pages of handwritten notes on Sutton and Revere on yellow legal paper.
1970-1207Election PapersVoters listed for Sutton election in 1949.
1970-1208MemoirsClarence Sandvik about 12 typed dpages on Cooperstown.
1970-1209BookletArea Fact Survey Cooperstown bound bound book signed by Ralph Bender, Mayor.
1970-1210LetterWelc ome letter from Mrs. Porterville to Mrs. Clarence Arneson about 1938
1970-1211Newspaper ClippingOct 30, 1891 Cooperstown
1970-1212ProgramCooperstown Centennial 1982
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