Box 228

Museum Number Description
00-182 KP Lodge No. 2.  Occult Mysteries of Persian Magi
00-183 KP Lodge No. 4.  Damon hastens to his home
00-184 KP Lodge No. 4. Flower Bespangles Place
00-185 KP Lodge No. 5.  Along the mountain side
00-186 KP Lodge No. 5.  Pythias confined in the dungeon
00-187 KP Lodge No. 6.  Calanthe's Appeal to Pythias in the Dungeon
00-188 KP Lodge No. 6.  Damon's Last Fond Embrace
00-189 KP Lodge No. 6.  Dark and Sullen Waters
00-190 KP Lodge No. 7.  Damon's Farewell to wife and child
00-191 KP Lodge Damon and Pythias An Unnamed Barque on and Unknown Sea
00-192 KP Lodge Damon and Pythias Budding Flowers and Sparkling Stream
00-193 KP Lodge Damon and Pythias Life Has its Sunshine and Shadow
00-194 KP Lodge Damon and Pythias Majestic Mountains and Peaceful Homes
00-195 KP Lodge Damon and Pythias Sorrows of Darkness and Death
00-196 KP Lodge Damon and Pythias Star of Sympathy and Love
00-197 KP Lodge Damon and Pythias Stars Unutterably Bright
00-198 KP Lodge Damon and Pythias Rays of Light from a Heaven of Piece
00-199 KP Lodge Damon and Pythias Where wewith Loved Ones Dwell
00-200 KP Lodge A Sunless Sea
00-201 KP Lodge Calanthe Urges Her Lover to Fly
00-202 KP Lodge Caverns fathomless  to man
00-203 KP Lodge Countless Horrors Lurk Unseen
00-204 KP Lodge Damon Under Sentence of Death (based on pieces of the paper title)
00-205 KP Lodge Damon Arrives and Pythias is saved
00-206 KP Lodge Damon condemned to death
00-207 KP Lodge Damon has Saved His Friend
00-208 KP Lodge Friendship Sits Upon the Throne
00-209 KP Lodge Pythias ?  (can't read remainder of handwritten title)
00-210 KP Lodge Relief in Distress 6th Senator
00-211 KP Lodge The Arts of Ancient Egypt
00-212 KP Lodge The Arts of Ancient Egypt Pythagoras
00-213 KP Lodge The Battle
00-214 KP Lodge The Desire for Knowledge
00-215 KP Lodge The Dual Combat
00-216 KP Lodge The Flower Bespangled Banner
00-173 KP Lodge Brief History of the Order of Knights of Pythias (2 booklets
00-174 KP Lodge Plaque Edward Frank Flick
00-175 KP Lodge Photo of 10 KP members
00-176 KP Lodge Dedication Program May 12, 1962
00-177 KP Lodge Metal Decoration (2 pieces of heavy metal)
00-178 KP Lodge 65th Annual Convention (2 ribbons)
00-179 KP Lodge Painting of "Our Flag" from the painting by Fred Tripp
00-180 KP Lodge Certificate of Incorporation from the state of North Dakota 1961
00-217 KP Lodge The Flight of Damon to his Family
00-218 KP Lodge The Friendship of Damon and Pythias
00-219 KP Lodge The Hero
00-220 KP Lodge The Hero Pythias
00-221 KP Lodge The king honors the immortal heroes
00-222 KP Lodge The Mountain Side
00-223 KP Lodge The Sunless Sea
00-224 KP Lodge The sunset glows with rubies
00-225 KP Lodge The Unknown Shore
00-226 KP Lodge The unknown shore
00-227 KP Lodge Unhorsed
00-228 KP Lodge ?
00-229 KP Lodge ? Respite
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