Box 238

Museum Number Description
None Folder 1 Ministerial Book 1893-1895 hand written by Rev. M. Njust with many birth dates
None Folder 2 North Dakota Heritage Center floor plan info Know Your America suggested courses from the American Legion Historical Records infor from North Dakota State Historical Records Advisory Board Jun 1983 North Dakota History Magazine 1971 Guide to the Institute for Regional Studies 1985
None Folder 3 Old Time Dance Sign
None Folder 4 Our Boys & Girls Newspapers from the 1890-1897 era
None Folder 5 Plains talk Fall 1983 Plains talk Spring 1984 Plains talk Winter 1984 Plains talk Winter 1985
None Folder 6 Photos and Newspaper Clippings from Daniel Olsgaard
None Folder 7 Saturday Evening Post Jan 18, 1964
None Folder 8 South Dakota Scrap Book
None Folder 9 School Census 1897 to 1934 (various years)
None Folder 10 Settlement of Riverside Township hand written over 100 pages
News & Events