Added Parking

Parking Lot Same Size as Trinity Lutheran Church

The blue square represents a possible future building expansion.  It shows the existing 80' x 60' building being extened 80' to the east to add 4,800 SF.  The existing building contains the Blacksmith Shop, Pioneer Village and the printing presses.

The proposed parking lot would be out of the way of the future building addition.


  • Parking lot could be shared by visitors to museum, fairgrounds, Cooperstown Community Building, Cooperstown City Parks, Ice Skating, and Baseball Park visitors.
  • Costs could be shared by all the groups having interests in this 12 square block civic complex.


  • Not real convenient for museum visitors unless new entry was added
  • Backside location for the Cooperstown Community building.
  • Takes up valuable fairgrounds property.
  • Details would have to be worked out with 4 or 5 civic entities.


Trinity Lutherna Church Parking Lot

This aerial photo shows the Trinity Lutheran Church Parking Lot.

It is about 140' in the east-west direction and 156' in the north-south direction. 

It is about 1/2 and would hold about 60-80 cars.









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