Albert Campbell Murder

This story is from October of 1929 when the newspaper said that:

Albert Campbell murdered Friday

Prominent Griggs County farmer living northwest of Cooperstown, last Friday was shot and killed by John Slabber, 50, a neighbor.  Funeral services were held at the Masonic Temple on Tuesday of this week.  Slabber was sentenced to life imprisonment when he appeared before Judge Englert at the court house Monday afternoon.

I really love the swift justice.  Albert was killed on Friday, I suppose the courts were closed on Saturday and Sunday, they sentenced him to life in prison on Monday and had the funeral on Tuesday.

A bit different from these days.

Does anyone know anything about this murder?  What was the motive?  A love triangle?  Bad stock advice just before the market crashed?


  1. Griggs County Museum Online Archive
  2.  Find A Grave
  3.  John Slabber’s name sometimes spelled Slabler, Slabber and Slaber.
  4. Source 2 gives the death date as October 29, which would have been a Tuesday.  The nearest Friday would have been October 25th, right after Black Thursday when the market lost 11% of its value.
  5. Albert Campbell would have been 65 years old at the time of his death according to Source 2.