Geographic Place Names

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I’ve always considered the BGN or U.S. Board on Geographic Names to be the foremost authority on place names. They are part of the U.S. Department of the Interior. Their main website is at

From this page, you can click on Domestic Names. This brings up a sub-menu of choices. One of them is to propose or change a name. I have talked to them about adding names to their list, and they seemed to be very accommodating. I’ll start a list of proposed additional names sometime soon, and hopefully get quite a few comments on it.

There is also a Search button for Domestic names. If you enter North Dakota for the state and Griggs for the county it shows that Griggs County has 126 features. The features are in a table format and the Feature Name, ID, Class, County, State, Latitude, Longitude, Elevation (ft), Map, BGN Notes, and Entry Date are shown for each one. You can browse around their website and see how they have defined their Classes. I am just going to list the Feature Names sorted by each Class here.


1. Cooperstown Municipal Airport

 Building (18 listed)
I’m not sure exactly how they got this information. I’m sure some names are missing and some of the buildings have disappeared. A lot of them could probably be called Town Hall and School, if that was possible.

2. Addie Town Hall
3. Ball Hill Town Hall
4. Bartley Town Hall
5. Binford Fire Protection District
6. Binford Quick Response / Cooperstown Ambulance Service
7. Bryan Town Hall
8. Clearfield Town Hall
9. Cooperstown City Ambulance Service and Fire Station
10. Dover Town Hall
11. Greenfield Town Hall
12. Hannaford Rural Fire Station
13. Kingsley Town Hall
14. Lenora Town Hall
15. Romness Town Hall
16. Rosendal Town Hall
17. Sverdrup Town Hall
18. Washburn Town Hall
19. Willow Town Hall

Cemetery (9 listed)
There are obviously a lot of cemeteries missing.

20. Bethany Cemetery
21. Binford Cemetery
22. Cooperstown Cemetery
23. Hannaford Cemetery
24. Hero Cemetery
25. Lyster Cemetery
26. Mabel Cemetery
27. Naroen Cemetery
28. Saint Lawrence Cemetery

I’m pretty sure this is correct.

29. Jessie Census Designated Place
30. Sutton Census Designated Place

Church (13 listed)
I imagine some of these have disappeared and there are probably some missing.

31. Bethlehem Church
32. Christian Fellowship Church
33. Eidfjord Church
34. Ness Church
35. Ottawa Church
36. Ringsaker Church
37. Romness Church
38. Saron Church
39. Union Church
40. West Prairie Church
41. Zion Church
42. Zion Church
43. Zion Church

Civil (34 listed)
Some historical townships are missing.  If historical school districts qualify, a lot of them could be added.

44. City of Binford
45. City of Cooperstown
46. City of Hannaford
47. Griggs County
48. State of North Dakota
49. Township of Addie
50. Township of Ball Hill
51. Township of Bartley
52. Township of Broadview
53. Township of Bryan
54. Township of Clearfield
55. Township of Cooperstown
56. Township of Dover
57. Township of Gallatin
58. Township of Greendale
59. Township of Greenfield
60. Township of Greenwood
61. Township of Helena
62. Township of Helena (historical)
63. Township of Kingsley
64. Township of Lenora
65. Township of Mabel
66. Township of Nelson
67. Township of Pilot Mound
68. Township of Pleasant
69. Township of Pleasant View
70. Township of Red Willow
71. Township of Romness
72. Township of Rosendal
73. Township of Sverdrup
74. Township of Tyrol
75. Township of Washburn
76. Township of Wheatland
77. Township of Willow

As far as I know, this is correct.

78. Carlson-Tande Dam
79. Ueland Dam

Lakes (15 listed)
There are several lakes missing.

80. Hoot-E-Too Lake
81. Jones Lake
82. Lake Addie
83. Lake Five
84. Lake Jessie
85. Lake Norway
86. Lake Silver
87. Long Lake
88. Long Lake
89. Phelps Lake
90. Pickerel Lake
91. Plum Lake
92. Red Willow Lake
93. Round Lake
94. Sibley Lake

Locales (8 listed)
Quite a few historical towns are missing. The latitude and longitude show the BW Ranch location to be the Barton W. Cussons farm. I’m not sure how it became designated.

95. BW Ranch
96. Cooperstown Camp
97. Gallatin (historical)
98. Montclair (historical)
99. Ottawa (historical)
100. Red Willow Camp
101. Romness (historical)
102. Willow (historical)

It seems like several city parks could be added.

103. Sibley Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Populated Place (11 listed)
Some of these should have the historical designation added.

104. Binford
105. Cooperstown
106. Hannaford
107. Jessie
108. Karnak
109. Mardell (historical)
110. Mose
111. Revere
112. Shepard
113. Sutton
114. Walum

I think several could beaded based on various glacial formations.

115. Altamont Moraine

Probably correct

116. Lake Ashtabula

Way off here. School Numbers 2 and 4 should be described better, and many should be added. It seems like a lot of Town Halls could be moved to the School class.

117. School Number 2
118. School Number 4

Complete as far as I know. Many of these are not commonly used very much, but I think they all should remain.

119. Baldhill Creek
120. Gunderson Creek
121. Maple River
122. Pickerel Lake Creek
123. Sheyenne River
124. Silver Creek

Mt. Franklin and Horse Hill should be added for sure. Several more are missing.

125. Butte Michaud

This should really be moved to Lake.  If the other 15 lakes qualify, this one should too.

126. Rush Lake