Find A Grave

Find A Grave

The amount of information available on the internet always amazes me.  This is especially true for a genealogist.  There are a lot of books that have been scanned and made available to everyone, and a Google search will show them in your results.

Another great resource is  where they have 72 million records right now.  You can click on Search for a Cemetery and choose  North Dakota.  After you choose North Dakota, the county list pops up.  They list 29 cemeteries for Griggs County. 

If you choose the Cooperstown Cemetery, you can then choose View All Interments.  They have 809 names listed at the presenet time.  If you just type in Det and search, you will find a lot of genealogical information on Detwillers that was submitted by my old classmate, Lyle.

Contributing photos of the tombstone is completely free as long as you have a digital camera and internet access.  It’s really a worthy effort, and you can even get some summertime fresh air, sunshine and exercise during your efforts.

Ron Dahl