Historic Places

Getting a place listed with the National Register of Historic Places is a great way to get a lot of low cost publicity for tourist attractions in your area.

As of this writing 86,317 sites have been listed since the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 was authorized.  North Dakota has 422 of them or a little less than ½ of 1 percent of the total.  Only Alaska, Hawaii and Nevada have less sites listed.  South Dakota has more than 3 times as many sites listed as North Dakota. 

Griggs County has 4 sites listed or a little less than 1% of the 422 sites listed for North Dakota.  We have 6 neighboring counties and our neighbors to the south, Barnes and Stutsman counties with Valley City and Jamestown, have 23 sites listed.  Foster, Eddy, Nelson and Steele counties to the north, east and west of us have 17. 

Grand Forks County has the most with 63 including 49 buildings and 9 historic districts.  If I was going to be making my first trip to visit North Dakota I would put Grand Forks at the top of my list purely because of all their historic listings.

The best way to get additional sites listed in the National Register is to work closely with the North Dakota State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO).  They have a website at http://history.nd.gov/hp/nrhowtolist.html that has all of the forms and steps needed to get your site added. 

The first step is to fill out their Property Data Sheet.  This form allows the SHPO staff to give you a quick assessment of your property’s potential for listing. If the property appears to be eligible, you will also receive advice on how to proceed with the nomination process.

Having a place listed does not automatically impose restrictions on future remodeling or demolition of the property.  Naturally, if you receive either federal or state funds for restoration, the restrictions on future use of the property will take place at that time, but if you don’t receive any federal or state funds you won’t have any additional federal or state restrictions on the property.