February 25, 2012

Computer Meeting
Feb 25, 2012
Agenda and Meeting Notes


1.      Bryan will:

1.      run cable from the existing office to the new office location

2.      Install a switch or router of some sort at the new location.

3.      Run cable from the new office location to the work area south of the area.

4.      Install a modem or router in the workroom location.

5.      Develop the software where we will be able to make changes on these 4 computers at a central location.

2.      Museum will try to find an existing computer to put in the workroom. This will be the server for the touchscreen monitors in the Cold War Center.

3.      Orv is to decide which movies to play on each touchscreen. He will review them and give Chris and/or Ron a “cut sheet”. An example might be:

Movie "movie name here" Cut From Cut To
  1:12 2:08
  2:47 5:02
  5:50 7:10

Chris and/or Ron will then cut the sections that Orv wants removed and copy the edited movie to the appropriate touchscreen. We will keep a backup copy on the office computer.

Orv, Chris, Dave and I will then do what is needed with Bryan’s software to get the touchscreens working.


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