Cooperstown Country Club

In the early 1920's, early golfers played golf on a course located at the site of the fairgrounds.  Officers were Walt Nelson, president, and Gust Hansen, Secretary-Treasurer.  Membership at that time was around twenty.  The course was discontinued in the middle '30's.

In 1942 or '43, land was purchased northwest of Cooperstown from Arneson.  Nine holes with sand greens were put in and a clubhouse was built.  The golf course was about half the size of the present golf course.  Clare Olson and Milton McMillan were particularly active in organizing the course.

In 1956, most of the greens were rebuilt.

About August 1973, the nine-hole course was re-designed and grass greens were established.  Maynard Langford was hired as the first caretaker at that time.  Also, an automatic sprinkler system was installed, fed from the city water system.

A new clubhouse was built by the Vocational School in 1974.

In the spring of 1979, a golf cart shed was built.  This shed provides shelter for about thirty golf carts.

At the tee-off on #6 fairway, a large stone with an inlaid memorial marker was donated by Don Loder as a memorial to the family of Gary Brown.

Present membership is around 184 members.  The clubhouse facilities can be rented for special community occasions.  Many trees have been planted on the new golf course, donated by individuals from the community.  Much credit to Don Loder for promotion of this project.  Several tournaments are held during each year, along with a ladies night and men€™s night every week.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 227

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