Eagles Club

The Cooperstown Eagles Club, Aerie #3965 was officially instituted October 26, 1980, and received its charter April 8, 1981.  The original membership was comprised of 112 charter members.  The first slate of officers:

Worthy President, Kim Gutenkunst

Worthy Vice-President, Stanley Chaput

Past Worthy President, Robert Norwood

Secretary, Dennis Erickson

Treasurer, Oliver Anderson

Trustees, David Sola, Douglas Strand, Louis Stetz

Chaplain, Harvey Benson

Auditor, Larry Pavlacky

Inside Guard, Dennis Monson

Outside Guard, Mike Sorbo

Conductor, Russell Zimprich

Presently the club rents space from the American Legion to hold meetings and other activities.

The Eagles Club is part of a nationwide, non-profit fraternal organization promoting fellowship and activities for community betterment.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 234

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