Griggs County Council on the Arts

The Arts Council began with a conversation between Duna Frigaard, Maxine Torgerson and Christine Cook.  They felt that there was a need in the area for an organization to promote the cultural arts, and placed an advertisement in the paper requesting interested persons attend a meeting.  The first meeting in August of 1980 was not well attended.  Only three people, Russ Dunker, Russ Edland and Katie Bailey came that night.  A second meeting was more successful.  The first few meetings were spent getting organized.

It was decided that the first project would be something for Christmas.  The result was the first Madrigal Christmas Feaste.  With the money made from this project and from memberships, the Council was able to begin other programs.

A logo was designed with the initials of the Council intertwined, which represented the Council and the community working together.  Some of the activities of the first year included:

The Madrigal Dinner

Polish paper cutting exhibit

Poetry workshop

Polish paper cutting workshop

Exhibit of Russian artists in the financial institutions of Griggs County

Juggling in the park

Street theater

Participation in the parades in Binford, Hannaford and Cooperstown

Leo Wilkie, sculptor and story teller

Weaving workshop

Knitting workshop

The start of a recorder choir

The opening of Dakota House, the Council headquarters

The Arts Council has been well received in the community, and has received support from businesses and residents.  They have supported the Council not only with membership, but also with time and ideas.

The council is growing and will continue to serve the area as long as a need and interest are present.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 236

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