Griggs County Homemakers

As stated in the constitution of the Griggs County Council of Homemakers' Clubs, the object of this organization is "to unify the interests and efforts of all Homemakers' Clubs of Griggs County, and to cooperate with the County Extension Agent and the Extension Division of the Agricultural College in planning a program which will reach the greatest possible number of homemakers in the County, and promote the highest type of home and community life."

On Friday, March 9, 1934 the county's first two Homemakers' Clubs were organized.  At that time the ladies of the Lovell Community met at the home of Mrs. Harold Detwiller and organized the Lovell Homemakers Club.  (Irene Pratt, a charter member of this club is currently enrolled in a homemaker club.) Later that day, the ladies of Washburn Township met at the home of Mrs. Nels J. Opheim and organized the Sheyenne Valley Homemakers Club. * (Mrs. Albin Arneson, and Mrs. Melfred Monson, charter members of Sheyenne Valley are still members of that club.)

Other Homemaker Clubs that have been organized in Griggs County include:


  Karnak Homemakers August 29, 1934
* Progressive Homemakers November 1, 1934
  Bartley Homemakers November 8, 1934
  Revere Homemakers November 26, 1934
  Hill & Dale Homemakers September 19, 1935
  Sutton Homemakers April 30, 1938
  Hannaford I Homemakers May 3,1938
  Hannaford 11 Homemakers June 1938
  Cooperstown Homemakers May 18,1938
  Clearfield Homemakers November 1, 1938
  Bald Hill Homemakers 1939
  Kingsley Homemakers 1939
* Prairie Land Homemakers August 14, 1940
* Lenora Homemakers March 7, 1942
  West Prairie Homemakers February 17, 1944
  Walum Homemakers October 25, 1944
  Windy Hill Homemakers July 23, 1947
* Binford Homemakers September 1, 1948
* Tyrol Neighbors August 27, 1949
* 49'ers September 23, 1949
  Club 15 Homemakers 1950
  Ottowa Neighbors 1950
  Bald Hill Home Advancers Homemakers 1950
  Beaver Club Homemakers 1950
* Clothespin Homemakers September 1952
  Green Barts Homemakers September 1952
* Busy Bee Homemakers April 13,1954
* Pilot Mound Harmony 1957
  Homemakers  Country Side Homemakers June 6, 1957
* Top Ten Homemakers 1961
* Willowette Homemakers 1962
* Pins & Needles Homemakers 1975

*Still In Existence


The Griggs County Homemakers Council was organized on June 1, 1935 with the first officers being:

Mrs. C. Sansburn, President

Miss M. Armstrong, Vice President

Miss 0.  Pfeifer, Secretary


Council Officers for the 1981-1982 club year are:

Mrs. Marjorie Erickson, President

Mrs. Betty Sola, Vice President

Mrs. Deane Haugen, Secretary

Mrs. Dorothy Lura, Treasurer

Throughout the club year, homemakers are trained in four major areas including: Food & Nutrition, Home Management, Clothing, and Family Life.  Homemakers are also involved in a large way with the Griggs County Fair.

Following is the homemaker creed, which summarizes the individual purpose of each member.

I believe my home is sacred; a place where love, faith, hope, and devotion have their beginnings; where each has his rights respected by others; where joys and blessings, sorrows and disappointments are shared in common; where God is revered and honored, fellowmen respected, and love is law.  I believe it is my duty to live up to the best that is in me to attain this, to fear things unworthy, to conquer difficulties by daring to attempt them, to be companion as well as counselor to my family, and to teach and live, love of home, country, fellowmen and God.  "

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 237

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