The Griggs County Hospital Auxiliary organized May 20, 1949 at Berg Memorial Gymnasium, W. Ray Radliff presiding.

Charter members were:

Miss Olga Standal

Miss Borghild C. Bue

Mmes: Albert Evers

Art Sarsten

James Hazard

Lucius Hazard

Roscoe Winterer

Clarence Arneson

John Fredrickson

Oscar Idsvoog

M.A. Frigaard

Norman Edland

Carrol Torgerson

Barney Bakken

George Johnston

W. Ray Radliff

Hamlin Saxerud

Maynard Langford

Fred Oakley

Casper Overby

Ray McCardle

Kenneth Hanson

Nora Frigaard

Einar Overby

Kenneth Monson

Otis Knutson

Perry Haaland

Melfred Monson

Ed Gilbertson

Carl Brudwick

Thelmer Olson

Ralph Bender

Givan Brown

Henry Herigstad

Inga Ueland

Carl Johnson

William Phelps

Manley Torgerson

Maynard Loge

Harold Hall

Fred Rose

Severin Sola

Roy Ohman

Max Borchert

Andrew Urness

Nels Urness

Henry Hammer

Selma Overbye

Al Loder

Gerald Nierenberg

Thos.  Boe

Henry Nelson

H.W. Hildre

William Barr

Marie Kittelson

A.E. Dahlbom

Borghild Stromme

Charlie Groff

Oscar Huso

A.T. Huso

Arthur Larson

A.C. Brown

Vina Njaa

L. Anderson

Edith Skofstad

Gina Udgard

Officers elected 1949-50-51 were Mrs. Al Loder, president, Mrs. William Phelps, vice-president, Mrs. Thos.  Boe, secretary, and Mrs. Oscar Idsvoog, treasurer, and three additional members for executive committee: Mrs. Albert Evers, Mrs. Kenneth Hanson, and Mrs. Carrol Torgerson.

Meetings were held in various churches the third Friday of every month with three hostesses and plate collection for lunch.  Dues for all members are $1.00.  A magazine subscription project was handled by Lise Johnson, who is still active in 1982.

The first project was to sew curtains and bathrobes for the hospital by Mrs. Fred Oakley, chairman with Mrs. Mae Saxerud, Mrs. Clarence Njaa, Mrs. Givan Brown, and Mrs. J.F. Hazard and Mrs. Maynard Langford.

Money projects were washing hospital windows, coffee parties, recipe sales, bake sales, lunches at basketball games, wildlife derby, flight breakfast, Jamestown College choir, Strand Theatre benefit show, picnic suppers, ice cream socials, softball game, Farm Bureau banquets, purses made by Mrs. Gina Soma, rugs woven by Marie Kittelson, birthday calendars, bazaars.

Money projects paid for: bed linens, dish towels, pan-holders, curtains, materials, baby shirts, baby blankets, tray favors, 1964 isolette incubator, oxygen tent, bedside tables, serving carts, ice makers, fans, TV's, tray carts, sleep chair, air conditioners, sump pump and gauge, foot stools, bedspreads, pictures, sewing machines, trees, shrubs, grass, Christmas trees, waiting room furniture, venetian blinds, wheel chairs, refrigerator freezer, slicer, 30" range, cupboard, Whirlpool massager, knife sharpener, coffee pots, blender, food carts, mirrors, activities center, volunteer pins, drapes, gifts for children and gift counter, wallpaper and labor for the nursing home rooms.

Thumb sponges are made by members at meetings when needed.

1980-81-82 officers are Mrs. Grace Knapp, president, Mrs. Esther Hinschberger, vice-president, Mrs. Helen Bender, secretary, Mrs. Miranda Pittenger, treasurer.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 239

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