Keystone Cops

The "Keystone Cops" of the silent movie era appeared in Cooperstown and Finley the summer of 1975.

Glen Plaisted, of Finley, involved in the funeral business which is sad and very serious, decided he would like to see people laugh a little, so he bought an old Model T truck and had farmer Dale Steffen of Cooperstown create the old truck into the Paddy Wagon.  By the spring of 1975 the Paddy Wagon was ready.  He had authentic Keystone Cop uniforms made and ordered helmets.  Later a trailer was built to haul the Paddy Wagon and a motorcycle with sidecar was created.

During the Bicentennial season of 1976, Plaisted and his "Keystone Cops " were booked for parades every weekend plus.  Since that time Plaisted has added a Calliope to his parade group.  About half a dozen "cops" patrol the parades.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 239

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