Knights of Pythias

Cooperstown Lodge Number 45, Knights of Pythias, Domain of North Dakota, was instituted February 12, 1902 with Mr. Thomas Moffitt in charge.

There were 25 charter members at the time of institution, and by 1903 the membership had grown to 39.  In 1928 membership in the organization reached 160, an all-time high.

Oliver Zentz, a current member of the lodge, is a Past Supreme Representative.

50-Year Life Members:

Dr. L. Almklov Deceased
Andrew Tufteland   “
John D. Erickson   “
Sven S. Olgaard   “
Clarence P. Dahl   “
Walter W. Flick   “
Clay Knapp still a member







 Past Grand Chancellors:

Theodore A. Marquardt

R. J. Lockner

James Bender

Oliver Zentz


Past Chancellors: (living and deceased):

D. Fouts

F. O. Besuchet

John Moffat

George  Van Blon

G. B. Clark

J. A. McCulloch

W. L. Stringer

F. A. Thompson

Fred Detwiller

Theo.  Marquardt

A. M. Detwiller

G. B. Edmondson

A.G. Hall

William  LaPlant

Adolph Thompson

Ben Killeran

Ole A. Lee

E. J. Collette

Frank Collins

N.C. Baker

S. A. Rekedal

C. A. Porterville

Martin Turnquist

Nels P. Nelson

William  L. Wandke

George  Severtson

R. J. Lockner

Thos.  Irgens

H. O. Nelson

Albert J. Ashland

William Turnquist

S. S. Olgaard

Robert Thorn

Henry B. Nelson

C. P. Dahl

S. J. Quam

Martin N. Johnson

Kenneth Flick

Clarence Paintner

Melvin H. Nelson

Kenneth Olgaard

Hjalmer Johnson

Gilman E. Olson

Darwin Erickson

John Edward Erickson

Oliver Zentz

William Ohman

Clifford Anderson

Ralph Bender

Deland Marson

Robert Nelson

James Hazard

James Bender

Lyle Bender

Robert Bunde

Willmar Haerter

Clarence Sansborn

Paul Bender

Garfield Rasmusson

Bill Cushman

Warren Peterson

Two well-known members from the lodge were Gerald P. Nye who served as U.S. Senator from North Dakota for quite a few years, and C. P. Dahl who was interested in politics and served as Lieutenant Governor of North Dakota for some time.

Cooperstown K. P. Lodge made some substantial gifts of money to the Griggs County Hospital and the Community Building, also sent boys to Boys State, gifts of money to the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.  Our oldest member to date is Clay Knapp, who has been a member since 1924.  Ralph Bender was Mayor of Cooperstown from 1952 to 1970 and a member in Valley City Lodge #26 in 1939 and transferred to Cooperstown Lodge #45 in 1947.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 239

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