The Eighties

City voters approved a mill levy to support ambulance service in 1980.  Highway 45, which bisects Cooperstown, was resurfaced in 1980.  Rental and hourly work rates for the project:


Sweeper and Bobcat operator $27.50
Motor grader with operator hauling 20.00
Small truck with driver hauling 15.00
Large truck with driver 20.00
Gravel   3.75/yd.  Delivered
Labor, regular force   7.50
Labor, part-time   5.00

In 1981 the city re-established a mill levy for the city band.  Looking to the future, the council began to develop a plan to combat the Dutch Elm Disease threat.  Some diseased elm trees had been found in the county.

Funding was obtained for a long-discussed water treatment plant to replace the 1920 system, and at the end of 1981, a contract was let to Sornsin Construction for the project.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial page 35

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