The Fifties

Building continued in the decade of the fifties - many veterans took out GI loans at low rates of interest.

The city water project of 1954 involved digging three wells near the Fluto Bridge at the Sheyenne River, and piping the water to the city.  In 1956 the city decided to do its own street surfacing.  There was also talk of city garbage disposal on a voluntary basis at a dollar a week.

Block 20 was designated as the site for a city park and swimming pool.  The original pool was built with mostly volunteer labor at a cost of $21,786.  Donated funds were used, and no tax money went into the construction.  The first pool was replaced in the seventies.

The city celebrated its seventy-fifth anniversary in 1957.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial page 34

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