The Forties

The forties were as eventful as any decade in history.  At their beginning, the great depression was just ending, followed by World War 11, which was followed by a building boom.

Blackout regulations affected street lighting in 1942 and following.

Otter Tail Power Company, in 1944, was granted the electrical franchise in Cooperstown formerly held by Central Light and Power.

Some beginnings were made: In 1942, eight blocks in Cooperstown's northeast corner were designated as a city golf course.  (In 1945 the pasture where the golf course was located was rented to Charles Smith for $25 a year with the understanding that the city people would be allowed to use the ground for playing golf if so desired.)

The city council continued to reaffirm its interest in Missouri River diversion.

Another dog ordinance was enacted.

Four establishments were licensed to sell beer in 1945.

In 1945 the subject of airport development was once again proposed to the council, and the next year the city bought a quarter Section of land one mile south of town, in Washburn Township.  Price paid for the land was $2,500.

The fund drive for a hospital was started in 1946, and the city reserved lots 19-20 in block 46 for a hospital site.  When the hospital was built it occupied the entire south half of that block.  In 1946 the city went out of the liquor business after municipal stores were declared illegal.  A non-profit group was organized to run the liquor store.

The search continued for a water supply as the postwar building boom began and with it the extension of water and sewer lines to new parts of town.

Several residents of the community met with the council to ask that the city establish a municipal power company.  Later Otter Tail Power Company offered to supply the city with a generating unit in exchange for a twenty-year franchise.  After several months' deliberation, the city gave Otter Tail the franchise.

In 1949 the council approved on-sale liquor and granted a license to the Municipal Association.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial page 33

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