The Sixties

When the state proposed to rebuild Highway 7 (later Highway 200) two possible routes were presented.  The state gave the city a chance to have the highway continue to pass through town if Cooperstown would pay the expense.  City voters rejected the idea 139-257.  The highway bypass project was scheduled for 1961.  Highway 45 was rebuilt in 1965.

A fourth well was dug at the river.  The sewer lagoon was built in 1961.

Another dog ordinance was written in 1962.

The Griggs County Fair was revived in 1965, and the city deeded the fairgrounds back to the Fair Association after owning them for some thirty years.

The city had a major fire in the fall of 1965.  The Windsor Hotel and the adjacent dry cleaners building burned to the ground.

In 1968 the city agreed to buy, license, insure and maintain an ambulance.

A large dam on the Sheyenne River near Cooperstown was proposed as a flood control measure to benefit downstream communities.  It was unanimously opposed by people of the area, and the plan was dropped.

In 1968 the city voted to buy the ASCS building at the corner of 9th and Burrell for a city library (59% of the funding came from a library grant) and to build new city facilities including a fire hall, meeting room and office, at the northwest corner of block 60 and to build an unheated storage building in the northeast part of town.  The hall was completed and dedicated in 1970.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial page 34

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