Cooperstown Hardware

Ray and Barbara Walker bought Cooperstown Hardware from Virgil and Julie Sorlien in July of 1981 and in September they moved the business into a different building.

Cooperstown Hardware had its origin in 1932, when Hammer Condy Company deeded to Cooperstown Hardware Company Lot 21, Block 59.  Henry G. Hammer, whose father, Halvor P. Hammer, was a founder of the Hammer Condy Company, was in hardware business until 1966, when he and his wife Lois sold the business to Eugene Paintner.

Aldo Iverson bought the store in 1968, and sold it to Virgil and Julia Sorlien ten years later.

After the Walkers bought the business they moved it two doors east to the corner of Ninth and Burrell.  The building, constructed by Lawrence brothers in 1886, was known as the Concrete Store, and in the course of time it has housed the Jack and Jill grocery store, the Red Owl grocery store, Thompson and McDermott Company, a bank.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 210

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