Cooperstown Housing Authority

The Cooperstown Housing Authority Committee was appointed by the City Council on December 14, 1970.  Roy L. Solberg was appointed chairman.  Other members were Robert Baker, Art Mathisen, Gordon Irwin and Agnes Vigesaa.

The 24-unit structure now referred to as the South Side Apartments was completed for occupancy in the spring of 1974.  They were all one-bedroom apartments with electric heat and furnished with a stove and a refrigerator.  They were to be considered low-income housing for the elderly with part of the rent subsidized by HUD, a Housing Agency of the Federal Government.

John Hovey, Myron Birkeland, James Williams and Ross Watson from New Rockford were the original developers and owners of the housing unit.

Present occupants of the unit are Marian Hogenson, Selma Rise, Myrtle Koloen, Nellie Johnson, Alfred Rusten, Alma Riste, Marie Dahlbom, Ruth Nelson, Mildred Brown, Jessie Yeager, Ellen Kopperud, Violet Chapmen, Art Monson, Mr. & Mrs. Harry Solfield, Mr. & Mrs. Michael Honaker, Amanda Johnson, Irene Arneson, Mr. & Mrs. Conrad Bork, Melvin Melby, Bertha Heisz, and Oscar Bailey, 1.  Lahren, B.C. Bue and Tillie Hare.

Carrie Hanson was hired as the first administrator in 1974.  She was followed by Solveig Haaland.  Lorraine Sandvik is the present administrator.

Gehard Basol is chairman of the present committee.  Serving with him are Roy L. Solberg, Edith Hildre, Agnes Bender and Allen Hoverson.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 210

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