Dakota House

In the summer of 1981, the Griggs County Council on the Arts rented Dakota House from Alph Overby to use as its headquarters.

Dakota House is used mainly as a shop to serve as an outlet for the work of local artists and craftsmen (The Calico Cupboard), a collectible shop (The Pickle Crock), and a nearly new shop (The Bottom Drawer.)

All goods are on consignment.  The house is also a meeting place for board and business meetings and is used for workshops.

A permanent home and a shop had been in the minds of the Council members almost since the Arts Council began, however it wasn't until this building was available that plans began to form.

In July of 1981 it was decided to rent the building.  Some painting and clean up were done, publicity put out, consignments taken, and the building was opened on September 17, 1981.

The house was desirable not only because of its location close to the business area, but because it was a house with a history.  It is the oldest house in Cooperstown, and the first permanent building on the townsite.  It was built in 1882, and has been a rooming house, apartment house, and private residence.  Many of the customers who come in tell of visiting friends or relatives who lived in the house.  One woman even said that she remembered learning to cook in the house.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 212

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