Dale's Jack & Jill Food

On February 20, 1970, Ralph's Jack and Jill was purchased by Mr. Ron Coleman and Mr. Dale Severson, both from Jamestown, who, as partners, changed the name to Jack and Jill Food Center.  The store was located on the corner of Burrell Avenue and Highway 45, the present location of Our Own Hardware.  (Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Mueller were the owners in 1970 and before.)

For twenty-six months the business was run by the partners, Dale in the meat department and Ron in the produce department with the grocery department being shared by both.

In April of 1972, Coleman purchased a store in Iowa and sold his share of the Jack and Jill Food Center to Dale Severson, his partner, who became sole proprietor.

Dale expanded the business in February of 1973 by adding an in-store bakery department.  Without a bakery in town, the service was very well accepted by Cooperstown and the surrounding trade area.

Dale continued doing business in the corner store until the need for expansion arrived.  He purchased the north half of Block 59, and built a store where Loder Implement used to be, on the corner of Ninth and Roberts.  On September 12, 1979, Dale relocated in his new grocery superette newly named, Dale's Jack and Jill Food Center.

Dale and his wife, Terri, and three children reside in Cooperstown and are involved in community organizations.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 212

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