Don's Sales and Service

Don Kirkeby has always been a "trader" all of his life but he officially went into business in February of 1969.  Bicycles are the main item we sell: new, used, and reconditioned.  We also do a lot of repair work.

He also sells guns, reloading supplies and miscellaneous sporting goods.  His wife, Bev, helps in the shop.

He still "trades" most anything.  He once traded a gun for a pig.  (Living in town, I didn't know where he was going to put a pig.) The hardest thing he ever traded off was an accordion.  No one wanted it.

The single car garage, which is the bike shop, was built out of and sits on the same site as the old red barn he used to deal out of as a kid thirty years ago.

Many people ask us why we went into the bicycle business.  The truth is, our daughter had trouble with a new bike we had bought her, and we bad to fix it.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 212

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