Farm Bureau

The first Farm Bureau was in Broome County, New York October 10, 1914.


North Dakota Farm Bureau came into existence in November of 1942.  Griggs County organized in 1943.  Griggs County received recognition for membership progress at the national convention in December of 1945.

The Farm Bureau women organized November 1949.  North Dakota Farm Bureau Young People made an attempt to organize in November of 1950 and finally came into existence in 1952.

A uniform cooperative agreement between Griggs County and the North Dakota Farm Bureau came in March of 1950.  The president was Irwin Froiland.

Griggs County incorporated October 7, 1955.  Directors were James Hazard, Archie Marson and Arthur Smogard.

Ralph Bender became the first agent for Nodak Insurance in 195:3.  He served on the county board up to his death, June 12, 1974.  Arthur Smogard, Carrol Retzlaff and George Vigesaa became Nodak agents in 1964.  Since that time, Steve Meldahl and Bruce Sedler have also become Nodak agents for Griggs County.

November of 1980 the Farm Bureau was moved from the Fossum, Inc. building to the Overby Law building.  December 15, 1980 a public meeting was held for the purpose of adopting new by-laws and to amend the articles of incorporations.

A list of presidents is as follows:

Alfred Retzlaff 1943
Casper Aarestad 1948
Irwin Froiland   1949
Richard Qualey   1953
James Hazard   1955
Bjorn Fuglestad   195
Elmer Iverson   1958
Art Torgerson   1960
Ted Monson   1961
Art Torgerson   1962
Myron Erickson   1963
Carrol Retzlaff   1964
George Vigesaa   1965
Arthur Smogard   1969
Robert Berge   1973
Ralph Fuglestad   1975
Trygve Thompson   1978
Richard Loge  1981

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 213

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