Farmers Home Administration

Farmers Home Administration dates back to 1918 when the first federal seed loans were made.  Seed loans were made in 1918 through 1931.  In 1932 the Emergency Crop and Feed loan office was established.  This agency continued activity until 1946.

The Resettlement Administration was created in 1935 and was succeeded by the Farm Security Administration in 1937.  The Farm Security Administration continued to administer federal loans until 1946 when Farmers Home Administration was created and took over the activities of its predecessor agencies.

In 1935 a Resettlement Administration office was established in Cooperstown under the direction of Arnold Stine.  In 1937 Oscar J. Nesset was named to administer the activities of the newly created Farm Security Administration.  Mr. Nesset served as county director until 1942 when Archie Seebart became County Supervisor and continued until 1946 when the agency became Farmers Home Administration.

County Supervisors since 1946 include William Nelson, Harold Aasmundstad, LeRoy Nayes, William Slingsby, Ray Scheetz and Dale Rostberg.

Office locations since 1935 have been the Griggs County Courthouse, the Syverson Building (Skramstad Apartments), Sayer Building (Torgerson Auctioneer & Real Estate) and the present USDA Building which was built in 1968.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 214

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