Grain Terminal Association

The Grain Terminal Association has been part of the Cooperstown community since 1943.  Its original facilities here, however, go back before the turn of the century.

GTA joined the Cooperstown community in 1943 with its purchase of the St. Anthony & Dakota Elevator Company.  The Cooperstown St. Anthony elevator was one of 135 elevators acquired by GTA in the purchase.

That elevator was built in 1898 and remodeled in 1936.  According to old records, it was considered one of the best elevators in North Dakota when it was built.

Today that elevator is still part of GTA's grain-handling facilities in Cooperstown.  A new main house - with which most visitors are familiar - was built in 1959.  Appearances, however, had changed before then.  An annex had been added to the old elevator in 1955.

The old facilities got another new look when they were tinned over in 1964.  That was the same year a roller mill shed was built on the premises.  A steel warehouse was erected in 1967.  Drying facilities were added in 1975.

Sunflower seed became a new major crop in the Upper Midwest during the 1970's and more storage was needed.  A quonset warehouse for sunflower storage went up alongside the elevators in 1979.

A pinto bean receiving station was erected in 1980.

Three men have managed the elevator facilities under GTA. R.I. "Bob" Thorn was manager at the time of the sale in 1943.  He retired in 1946 after 22 years service.

Thorn's successor was Melvin Larson.  He served as manager until 1962 and was succeeded by present manager Del Chaput.  Chaput will complete two decades as manager August 15.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 215

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