Griggs County Abstract Company

Nels P. Nelson started making Abstracts for the Griggs County Register of Deeds in 1898.  At that time the Register of Deeds made all Abstracts of Title.

In 1900 Nels P. Nelson took over the abstracting in the name of Nels P. Nelson, Abstracter.  He continued under this name until 1926 when he incorporated under the firm name of Griggs County Abstract Company.

He continued the business under this name until his death in 1937.  At that time a son, Melvin H. Nelson took over the business until 1943 when he was called into service.

His sister Nora (Nelson) Nesti operated the business until the return of Melvin H. Nelson when he again took over the business and has operated it since that time.

This is probably the oldest business passed on from father to son now operating in the city.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 215

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