Hazard Construction

Hazard Construction was started in 1953 to do soil conservation work and bury rock piles.  The original piece of machinery consisted of a 1950-D-6 dozer cat with a scraper added in 1954.  A dragline was purchased in 1958 to use in digging waterholes for farmers under the Soil Conservation Service; a large number of these waterholes were dug in Griggs, Steele, Wells, Barnes, Stutsman, Grand Forks and Nelson counties.

In 1964 a second dragline was added; both of these were sold in 1969.  A loader cat, dump truck, and backhoe were purchased and these are the pieces of equipment that are presently being used to haul gravel and fill, dig sewer and water lines, bury rock piles, clean barnyards and level and fill building sites.

James Hazard, Jr., is the owner.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 217

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