Johnson Stores

Johnson Stores originated in Michigan, North Dakota in 1906.  As years went by, other stores were opened in surrounding towns.  In 1946 the Johnson Stores built and opened a new large two-story building in Larimore, North Dakota.  This was the new headquarters office and merchandise storage and distribution center for the stores.

In 1957 Johnson Store moved to Cooperstown taking over the store building that had been occupied by the J.C. Penney Company.  Erick Berdal, manager of the store located at Hope, was also given the Cooperstown operation to manage.  Berdal commuted between the two stores until fall when his family moved to Cooperstown so their children could start the new school term.

In May of 1959 the Berdals bought both the Hope and Cooperstown store operations and continued with Johnson Stores.

In 1963 Mr. and Mrs. Berdal built a new 100 x 100 foot store building in Cooperstown at the corner of 8th and Burrell which is where the store is still located.  Mr. and Mrs. Berdal operated franchise stores in New Rockford and Maddock, North Dakota but continued to have Cooperstown as the headquarter office location for their stores.

In 1976 Erick Berdal was appointed executive vice-president and general manager of the Johnson Stores, Inc. headquarters and buying office at Larimore, North Dakota which services seventeen stores in eastern North Dakota.

The Berdals have five children: Mary (Mrs. Gladwin Lynne), Charlotte, Leslie, Dan and James.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 218

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