Loder Implement

In 1900 a two-story building was built on the corner of Ninth and Roberts.  It was used by Hammer-Condy Company who were in the business of selling horses and farm machinery.

International Harvester Company of Chicago, Illinois established a company store at that location in 1933.  Clarence Arneson was hired as manager of the implement business and Clarence Njaa was hired as parts man.  They were engaged in the business of selling McCormick-Deering farm equipment and parts.

On December 1, 1934, Albert Loder, who owned an IH dealership at Juanita, North Dakota and Clarence Arneson purchased the implement dealership from International Harvester.  They operated the business a total of 32 years and it was known as Arneson-Loder.  During the 1930's most of the farming was done with horses and when the farmers began purchasing tractors in the late 1930's and early 1940's, many horses were traded in on sale of a tractor or other equipment.

Some of the employees of Arneson & Loder during their thirty-two years were Clarence Njaa, Andy Dahlbom, Orville Sondreal, Axel Simenson, Archie Flick, Alfred Bailey, Helger Andersen, Wilson Forbes, Ed Hagglund, Don Gisvold, Don Loder, Wally Persons, Nilai Holo, Ellsworth Brekke, Richard Mueller and many others who worked part time setting up machinery.

Don Loder and Lyle Guscette of Wimbledon, N. Dakota purchased the dealership from Arneson & Loder January 1, 1967.  The name changed to Loder-Guscette.  Lyle Guscette sold his interest in the business to Donald Loder in 1970, and the name changed to Loder Implement Inc. Helger Andersen and Clarence Njaa remained with Loder Implement until their retirement in 1977 and 1978 respectively.

In 1975 Loder Implement moved to a new 70' x 225' building at their present location on Highway 200 West. In addition to International Harvester equipment, they also sell Steiger tractors, New Holland and Hesston farm equipment.

Loder Implement is owned by Donald & Phyllis Loder.  The present employees are Richard Mueller, Larry Wathne, Russell Zimprich, Dennis Erickson, Marvin Kuklok, Gehard Basol, Ivar Haaland, Gary Delfs, Andreas Haaland, Julius Suess, Kenneth Sandvik, and Ethel Lokken.

Many changes have taken place during the past 45 years, from horses to tractors, from steel wheeled tractors and equipment to rubber tires from binders and threshing machines, to windrowers and combines, from shocks of grain and straw stacks to windrows of grain.

Today our engines are diesel powered and use hydraulic systems, monitors, and other advances in technology.  Also our farmers are using chemicals, herbicides, fertilizers, soil testing, and soil conservation practices to make them better farmers, in order to feed the world.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 218

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