Model Clothing Company

Model Clothing Company started business in Cooperstown in September 1917 as a branch store of Model Clothing Company of New Rockford, North Dakota.  The owners were Thomas Irgens, J.E. Forstein of New Rockford and H.R. Noftalin of Elbow Lake, Minnesota.  In 1935 Thomas Irgens purchased his partners' interest in the Cooperstown store and in the same year entered into partnership with Ludvig Olson who had purchased his partner's interest in the Olson and Nelson Clothing Company.  These two business concerns then consolidated, retaining the name of Model Clothing Company.  In 1948 Irgens purchased his partner's interest.

The original Model store was housed in the Stevens building, which later housed the photography studio.  The building was torn down in the summer of 1975.  The Model moved to its present building in 1925.  Since the time of the original building, which was occupied in 1917, an addition of fifty feet has been added on and a complete remodeling of the store was done in 1979.

Thomas Irgens died in 1961 and his wife, Mary Irgens, assumed ownership at that time.  The business was managed by his son Donald Irgens and son-in-law Julian Mrozla.  In 1964 Donald Irgens left Cooperstown and the Model was managed by Julian Mrozla until July of 1973, when Julian and Donna Mrozla purchased the store from Mrs. Irgens.

Donna Mrozla is the youngest of the Irgens family so the Model Clothing has remained in the same family since its establishment in 1917.

Julian and Donna Mrozla have been associated with Model Clothing Company from 1951 until the present date.

The Model Clothing is celebrating its 65th year in business under the same family name and management.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 219

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