Patricia's women I s apparel shop is owned by Mr. and Mrs. Roger Erickson of Cavalier, who purchased it from Mr. and Mrs. Carrol Torgerson in November of 1979.  Diane Burt (now Mrs. Rick Cushman), formerly of Cavalier, came to manage the store.  Other employees are Mrs. Helen Askelson, Mrs. Marie Olson and Kristen Knudson, all of Cooperstown.

The shop is located in the building on Lot 11, Block 73, formerly the location of the Coast to Coast hardware store.

The dress shop, under various owners, can be traced back fifty years.

Maxine Torgerson bought the shop from Orpha Cussons, who bought from Ann Adam.  She had purchased the store from Lillian Bolkan and Esther Nelson, former employees who bought the shop from Ann Halvorson, who started Halvorson's Shoppe in 1930.

The original location was almost directly across the street from the present store.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 220

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