Paul Hagen Insurance Agency

Paul J. Hagen farmed near Glenwood, Minnesota, where he was born, until the fall of 1966, when he moved to Cooperstown in September.  He began selling insurance in 1965 part time with his farming.  After the fall crops in 1966 he sold insurance full time in North Dakota, living in Cooperstown.  He had his office in his home until 1970 when he rented the present office from M.W. Duffy, Attorney.  Hagen then bought the building the next year.

Originally built by Arnold Skofstad, he had a cream station and gas pumps there, and later a hatchery and poultry supply business, the building later was converted into a restaurant, and operated under three different owners.  In 1962 a bakery was opened and operated there about a year.  Later Wedg-Cor Steel Buildings had an office there.  When M.W. Duffy bought the building, he made it into three offices and paneled it.  A.C. Bakken, his partner, also had an office in the building.

Originally the building had white blocks in front.  In 1979 the Hagens remodeled the front with dark panel board and a shingled overhang.

Paul's wife, Marilyn (Hanson), grew up near Estherville, Iowa, where they were married in 1952.  They have five children, Pamela, Vicki, Judy, Jerald, and Kathy.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 217

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