Reiten's Inc.

In 1938, Ed Reiten bought Bruce Wright's Repair Shop and started his repair shop for area farmers.  Reiten's, Inc. also produced numerous agricultural products, some of which were: steel tanks, steel hay-stacking teeth, swathers, grain augers, aluminum grain boxes, field sprayers, steel buildings, E-Z friction throttles, machinery trailers, snow buckets, a corn and other row crops harvester, grain drill packers and the famous moldboard plow.  The original plant burned down in January of 1954.  Dies for producing Reiten swathers and grain augers were also destroyed in this fire.

The Cooperstown plant was rebuilt, and began supplying parts to Melroe Company of Gwinner, N.D. In 1960, Reiten's Inc. introduced the reset plow.  A dealer organization was established in 1963 to market Reiten plows, and Reiten's became the first company in the world to offer a pull-type 8-bottom plow.

In 1967, Melroe Manufacturing Company purchased the Reiten Firm.

Richard Reiten, Ed Reiten's son, built Reiten's Machine Shop in 1967 and specialized in farm repair.  His company is now known as Reiten's, Inc., and is located along the west business loop of Highway 200.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 221

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