Sheyenne Tooling & Mfg.

In 1977 when Clark Equipment Company of Cooperstown announced its closing Curtis Stokkeland, Nell Fisher, and Raymond Walker (employees of Clark Equipment Company) formed Sheyenne Tooling & Manufacturing.  They conducted their business in the rural Cooperstown community.  Tool and die work was the main product, with some manufacturing of components for a new type of bearing puller built by Posi Lock of McHenry, North Dakota

In 1979 the Main Motors building was purchased from the Sheyenne Valley Vocational School.  The manufacturing department was then moved in.  A zinc plating system was also installed for the finishing of the bearing puller components.  Later on the tool and die department was moved in, putting everything under one roof.

With increasing sales of the Posi Lock bearing puller, a heat-treating system was also installed.

In 1981 Nell Fisher and Raymond Walker sold out to Curtis Stokkeland and James Broten who are the present owners.  James Broten operates a farm by Dazey.

The building, constructed about 1925 on the site of the old Palace Hotel, was originally the home of Palace Motors.

It is located on the corner of Tenth and Burrell.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 222

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