Someplace Else

Someplace Else is a furniture and carpet store.  Harvey and Pat Benson started the business in June of 1972.  The store is located in the original Larson Store building, which was vacant at that time.

Some of the occupants known to have been in the Larson Store prior to the vacancy were: Tupper Howden: who moved from Costello's Rexall Store to the Larson building in 1957.  Mr. Howden had a drug and department store.  The store sold out in 1971.  Larson Store: In 1905, Albert Larson had a general merchandise store.  Pete Carlson and Gustav Hanson also became partners.  Pete Carlson was bookkeeper and accountant with controlling interest. Albert Larson's son, Selmer Larson later was in the store.  He died in 1956.  The grocery department was on the west side and dry goods on the east.

Prior to this Eric Erickson, Albert Larson, Andrew Berg, and Lewis Berg had a general merchandise store known as Berg Brothers and Company in 1895.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 222

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