Nell Fisher owns the present Stoners Beer Tavern.  He purchased it from Ricky Stone February 1, 1981.  Ricky Stone bought the business from Jeff Sedler, who bought it from Dumpy Louden who called it Dumpy's Beer Garden.

Prior occupants in this building were as follows:

Ted and Orpha Pladsen, cafe and beer

Helen Sharpe, cafe

Adam Sardotz, cafe

Bernice Lovelace, cafe

Selma Overbye, cafe

Jerry Martin, Blue Moon

Marquardt's Cafe , (moved over for a short time after the fire of 1929)

Norma's Beauty Shop

Original Greenland Lunde Farm Implement (they moved out of the building when they bought the Jimeson-Olson building)

John Oie Land Office, real estate, land, and farm loans.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 222

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