V-W Motors

Gene Wuflestad and Ted Vigesaa purchased the former Sarsten Motor Company from Art Sarsten In July of 1960.  Mr. Sarsten had owned the business with a Chrysler-Plymouth franchise for 27 years.  The new business was named V-W Motors, and started with sales and service of Chrysler and Plymouth cars.  In late 1961 the Rambler franchise was added to the line of cars.

Gene Wuflestad left the business in 1962 to resume his teaching profession.  His interests in the business were purchased by Ted Vigesaa some time later.

In the winter of 1964 the building burned down, with the loss of four new cars and all parts and records.  By the fall of 1964, a new building was finished.  At that time the Rambler line was dropped and the Dodge car and truck franchise was added.  Since that time V-W Motors has continued with sales of the full Chrysler Corporation line of cars and trucks.

The business was incorporated in 1972.  The present employees are Ted Vigesaa, President, Agnes Vigesaa, Secretary-Treasurer, Laurence Loge, Parts Manager, Art Erickson and Duane Louden, Sales, Bill Wallace, Shop and Service Manager, Larry Lien, Dale Hagen, Jeff Knapp, and Rusty Thompson, Mechanics.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 223

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