West Side Motel

The West Side Motel was built by Fred and Alice Paintner in 1956 and was ready for business the spring of 1957.  They did the building themselves, although Fred died in February of 1958 before the house was completely finished.  Alice later added a garage to the south end of the motel, and the garage on the west side of the house was made into a combination family room and office.

The motel has nine units plus Number 10, which was made into a one-bedroom apartment.  Alice and her five children lived at the motel throughout their school years and Alice stayed on alone after her family all graduated, and operated the motel single-handed.  In 1977 Alice's daughter Delores and her husband Verle Vigen bought the motel.  They owned and operated it for a little more than a year at which time Carrol and Maxine Torgerson bought it.  Torger sons owned the motel until July of 1979 when they sold it WIL-RICH and the house to Eldon and Clara Jo Conant and their three children: Jodi, Tony and Kyle.  They are the present owners.  Conants have made a few additions and improvements.  The graveled parking lot has been paved and at present a combination garage, workshop, and breezeway are being added on the north side of the house.  The present garage will be used to accommodate more customers by being made into a kitchenette unit.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 223

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