The Road To Town

A treacherous hill

that Sanderson Hill

with curves as crooked as Sodom


But it's a delight

in your memories' flight

to think of that bridge at the bottom


To hit it full speed, on wheel or on steed

will give the valley a volley.


But you better not miss on your aim in the rain

or the river will claim you its folly.


The road winds slow, past Loges and then

It'll get you again, er you're careful


The Elias Hill past the creek that runs still,

Might be muddy, and spiteful and scareful.


You're out of the woods and headed for town,

An escape from the pastime of labor.


The path from there on, is up-down, up-down,

Past Berges, past campground and crossin'.


Watch out for the mud hole that lies at the corner.

It's full, now that rain has been fallin'.


Hit it right, not left but just right

And you'll make it up out of the bottom.


It's a horrible thing, to get stuck on the way,

Much better, when town has been sampled.


The road thru Otto's is somewhat asunder.

Watch out for that dog as he comes ...

 running pell-mell and barking as well.

He's after the wheels of our old Chevrolet ...


What happens if caught, I wonder ...

Gillys and Lundes are on up ahead

long side bends and the winds of the road,

And then a hill, a two bumpted hill,


The Gullickson Hill, to behold.

If we make it up that, we're out on the flat.


Clear sailing from then on, we know,

to highway, and pavement and all the delights

that wait at the end of the Road.

Larry Vigesaa

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 247

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