Cooperstown Veterinarians

Veterinarians or "Horse Dentists" as they were referred to in the early years began coming to Cooperstown as early as 1892.  The earliest veterinarians to come to Griggs County were E.E. Railson, A.E. Kirk, Knapp, S.B. Langford, and J. Clark.

Samuel B. Langford was the first person to do veterinary work in Griggs County.  He was born in England in 1837 and came to Griggs County in 1881.  The first known office of S.B. Langford was at Dr. Kerr's Drug Store in August of 1894.  Mr. Langford traveled many miles by horse and buggy as a veterinary surgeon.  He died in 1913.

Dr. J.A.H. Winsloe, a graduate of the Veterinary College of Toronto, Canada, came here in May of 1897.  He had his office at Bateman's Drug Store and later at various livery barns.  In 1909 he bought George  Adams' barn and fitted it up for a hospital in which he could treat horses.  He was also well known as an auctioneer.  Dr. Winsloe served this community until shortly before his death in 1921.

Dr. W.D. Foss was a veterinarian in Cooperstown, N.D., during the 1920's.  He later became a Federal meat inspector in Wisconsin and Iowa.

Dr. H.O. Helmer was born near Cooperstown in 1886.  He attended Kansas City College and graduated in April of 1913.  He also attended the Indiana Veterinary College and received his postgraduate degree January 27, 1923.  He came to practice here in the early 20's.  He sold his practice in 1945 to Drs. D.D. Clark and George Chapman.  In 1948 he left to work as a government poultry inspector, but returned to this community while Drs. Clark and Chapman were in the armed forces.  Dr. Helmer died in 1965.

Dr. D.D. Clark and Dr. George Chapman purchased the practice of Dr. Helmer in September 1945.  Drs. Clark and Chapman were born in Kansas ai-id graduated from the Kansas State Veterinary College in 1945.  They entered military service in October 1946 and Dr. Helmer returned to the practice.  In the spring of 1948, Dr. Clark returned to Cooperstown and practiced alone until June of 1955.  In 1953 Dr. D.D. Clark moved into the former Haerter Brothers woodworking shop and handled Land O'Lakes Feeds besides his veterinary practice.

Dr. Laverne Larson Joined Dr. Clark in 1955.  Dr. Larson was born at Bottineau, N.D. in 1929.  He graduated from the University of Minnesota Veterinary College in 1955.

Dr. Vernon Knudson joined Drs. Clark and Larson in June of 1962.  Dr. Knudson was born and grew up at Taylor, N.D. He graduated from the University of Minnesota Veterinary College in 1962.

Drs. Clark, Larson and Knudson had their office in the building on the corner southeast of the Central School until April of 1974.  During this time they did nearly all their work out on the farms treating only pets at the office.  Their area had expanded going out up to 50 miles from Cooperstown so they were each driving up to 55,000 miles a year doing their work.  In an effort to reduce the time they spent driving, they built a new building in the southwest addition of Cooperstown, located on the north side of the bypass near Reiten's, Inc., with facilities for treating farm animals.  This building was put into use in April of 1974.  The farmers could now bring in all kinds of animals to a place with equipment to handle them.

Dr. Allen Hoverson, Jr., who was born near Sutton, N.D., and graduated from the University of Minnesota Veterinary College, Joined the practice in October of 1979.

The change in veterinary practice and livestock farming the last 25 years had been rapid, much more change than during the preceding 75 years.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 page 172

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