Early records of dentists practicing in Cooperstown are quite sketchy.  Many of the dentists were here for only three or four days at a time and then they would move on to other cities.  First records we have are of a Mr. R.E. McCutchins, "an accomplished dental surgeon.€  He was formerly from Massachusetts and practiced his profession in rooms at the Palace.  His work was said to be on par with the best of the land.  He opened his office in March of 1884.  In September of 1884 a Dr. C.V. Doolittle of Minneapolis came to Cooperstown.  He had in office at the hotel and was here for a few days.

In June of 1885 James Brown, doctor of medicine and dentistry was in town for a few days.  He also had his office at the Palace.  January of 1886 Charles Barnes was here for four days.  Most of the traveling dentists had their offices at the Palace.  In April of 1886 Dr. C.L. Onsul was here.  From April of 1886 to March 2, 1888 we have no records of any dentists being in Cooperstown.  March 2, 1888 records show a Dr. J.W. Cloes was at the Palace for a few days.

In August of 1888 a Mr. Wilbur Hodgman opened a dental office in the Ford and Lucken building.

In July of 1889 Dr. JW. Clos, D.D.S. came to Cooperstown.  He stated he would stay in Cooperstown if business warranted it.  There also was a Dr. W.E. Malree who was in Cooperstown for a few days.

May of 1890, the Mayville dentist, Dr. Dipuhs was in Cooperstown for a few days.  His office also was at the hotel.  In July of' 1891 the Jamestown dentist, Dr. E.M. Johnson, was in town for several days.  He returned in the fall for a few days.

We have no records of any dentist being in Cooperstown in 1892.

In May of 1893 Dr. Simms opened an office in the GAR room at & courthouse.  August of 1893, Dr. J.E. Featherston of Valley City returned periodically for treatment of aching jaws.  Dr. Horace Foster from Grand Forks was here in August of 1894, returning in April of 1895.  These dentists would return to Cooperstown to practice dentistry frequently to spend a few days at an office in the Palace.

First record of a dentist staying for any length of time was in April of 1898.  Dr. Fred Rose came here for five days with an office at the Palace.  In November of 1899, he returned to Cooperstown intending to remain for one month, and stayed for a lifetime.  His office was in the new Syverson block.  Dr. Rose, D.D.S. and Dr. Brimi, M.D. had their offices on the second floor of the Syverson building.  Dr. Rose was born in Canada but he was a graduate of the Chicago College of Dental Surgery in 1896.  He practiced in Chicago, Illinois and Fargo, North Dakota prior to coining to Cooperstown.  When Dr. Rose first came to Cooperstown, he did not have an office.  He traveled by horse and buggy to Hope, LaMoure, Edgeley, Lisbon and other villages.  His equipment, consisting of a portable dental chair and instruments, he carried with him in the buggy.  Dr. Rose practiced 54 years in Cooperstown treating over 70,000 patients.  During the first years, extractions were only fifty cents and these he did any time of the day or night.  In 1952 Dr. Rose suffered a stroke leaving him paralyzed and he spent his remaining years at the Griggs County Hospital.  He died June 30, 1959.

Dr. Andrew Jackson Newell, D.D.S. opened a dental practice here in July of 1919.  There are no records where his office was nor how long he practiced in Cooperstown.  He moved to Chicago and retired to Cooperstown after World War 11.  Dr. W.D. Plonty practiced here for several years.  His office was above the I.D. Allen store.  He left Cooperstown about 1940.

In 1950 Dr. Edmund Belyea, D.D.S. arrived in Cooperstown.  He practiced in the Syverson building, Dr. Rose's former office.  Joanne (Olson) Brekke was his office nurse.  Dr. Belyea moved to Rolette in 1954.

In June of 1955 Dr. Tom Jackson came to Cooperstown to practice dentistry.  He practiced in the former office of Dr. Belyea.  In 1963 Dr. Jackson moved to new quarters at the Johnson Store building owned by Erick Berdal.  Dr. James McDonald came to Cooperstown in 1964.  Dr. McDonald practiced with Dr. Jackson until 1966 when he moved to East Grand Forks, Minnesota.  Dr. Jackson left Cooperstown in 1968.

Cooperstown was without a dentist until 1969 when Dr. Arlo Neumiller, D.D.S. opened up practice in offices formerly used by Dr. Jackson.  In 1971 Dr. LeRoy Hagen joined with Dr. Neumiller in practice.  Dr. Hagen practiced two years in Cooperstown.  He left Cooperstown in 1973 to join the V.A. Hospital in Fargo.  Dr. Neumiller is still practicing in Cooperstown.  His wife, Sonja is bookkeeper and Debbie Paintner is dental hygienist.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 170

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