Albert Larson and Company

Albert Larson took over ownership of the One Price Department Store in 1904 when the firm of Berg Brothers dissolved partnership.  After that time, the One Price Department Store was conducted under the name of Albert Larson and Company.  Albert Larson died in 1930, and his son Selmer succeeded him.

P.H. Carlson came to work in the store in 1906.  He became a partner in the business and remained with the company for forty-two years.  Gustav Hanson also became a partner.

Some of the other long-time employees of the store were Mabel Davidson, Clara Lunde, Marie Frigaard, Tom Hartman, Alfred Bolkan, Einar Overby, Delbert Baird, Lloyd Anderson and Otto Johnson.

Albert Larson and Company was the last survivor of the old-time department stores in Cooperstown.  Until its closing after the death of Selmer Larson in 1956, the store sold groceries, hardware, shoes, clothing, sewing supplies and assorted other items.  At the time Tupper Howden went into the business in 1957 in the building, there were still high top shoes in the storeroom, and ladies with small feet were able to buy new shoes to wear with the old fashioned dresses they wore for the community's seventy-fifth anniversary celebration.

The dry goods department was in the east half of the building.  Shoes were stored on shelves in the center divider, with a ladder on a track providing access to the shoes.  (Mothers kept watchful eyes on their children who were fascinated by the ladder).  Needle-workers also sold their crafts through the store.

Howden had been in business in Cooperstown since 1942 when he had bought the Rexall Drug Store from P.H. Costello.  Howden operated the Howden Rexall Drug on the west side of the building and a dry goods department on the east at the old Larson General Store stand from 1957 until 1972 when he closed the store and retired.

At the present time the building contains the Someplace Else Furniture Store managed by Harvey Benson.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 192

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